Share with military families relies on recommendations and support of people like you to spread the word about the for U.S. Military Families program. For additional information please e-mail

Request to have a representative conduct outreach or event support in your area

If you would like to request a visit, please contact Maureen Haney at (646) 619-8245.  

For information regarding webinars or to request a webinar specifically for military personnel you work with, please email

Student Activities for U.S. Military Families presents: "Brain Fitness" Activities

The military team has worked with our awesome tutors to create a booklet of fun activities that challenge students to use math, science and English in new and different ways. We have also created a “Math Fitness Challenge” with a weekly math problem to tackle. You can find these activities at

Please feel free to disseminate them to parents, miltary support personnel, and anyone you know who might interact with military students.

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"I found out about this service through a friend and I absolutely love it. I am very thankful for having the privilege to have this service!!!Thanks! a million, coming home at 7 pm to do homework and not knowing how to help your 2nd grader is frustrating not only for me but also for him. THANKS FOR THE SERVICE!"



The for U.S. Military Families program is funded by the Department of Defense MWR Library Program and Navy General Library Program. Continued sponsorship of this program is dependent upon the availability of DoD funds.